Pelita Hati Lower Secondary & High School Mid-Semester Activities September 30 – October 1 2020

November 8, 2020, 8:13 pm - Admin - News

A series of mid-semester activities for Pelita Hati Lower Secondary and High School students were held for three days, from September 30 to October 1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the mid-semester activities were carried out in a different way from previous years. This pandemic has led us to host mid-semester activities online. What is good is, the students live it with fun and enthusiasm.

On the first day of the mid-semester activities, the students did a webinar. This webinar is entitled I am Young and I Deserve to Live in a Healthy Earth. The speaker for this webinar is Brigita Sidharta. She is a student of Universitas Gadjah Mada (fisheries department) who is also the National Director of IAAS Indonesia 2020-2021. This activity aims to increase students’ awareness of the environment. The result of this activity is that students understand the importance of protecting the environment. Students also practice to protect the environment according to their role as students. What can students do to help protect the environment? The answer is very easy, by finishing the food on our plates while we are having breakfast, lunch or dinner. This can help reduce hunger in the world. Worth-eating food that is not consumed and is simply wasted will decay. This decay causes the production of toxic gas (methane). Methane is released into our ozone layer. This makes it one of the causes of climate change.

On the second and third days of the mid-semester activity, lower secondary and high school students performed online art performances. The students are divided into 12 groups consisting of 2-4 students. The students performed a variety of arts, including singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, rhymes, poetry, and others. This activity is carried out very inclusively, because the assessment of this art performance is taken from the average voting of the students and the jury’s assessment.

Although there are many challenges in this online mid-semester activities, the teachers as committee tried to be as professional as possible. Pelita Hati students and teachers enthusiastically participate in the event. There are three selected groups with the top three scores. This aims to give appreciation to the efforts and work of the participating students and to maintain an atmosphere of competition between students at school.