Online Learning in Pelita Hati School (Preschool Level) during COVID-19 Pandemic

November 8, 2020, 8:15 pm - Admin - News

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the order of life suddenly. This has an impact on many sectors, including the education sector. Since March, the government has issued social and physical distancing calls to break the chain of spreading the virus. Pelita Hati School, as an educational institution where many people (students, teachers, and staff) gather, is committed to jointly breaking the chain of spreading the virus. We have changed the teaching and learning system from face-to-face to Online Learning by using Zoom.

Pelita Hati School provides the best facilities to support Online School activities. Starting from the facilities to adjusting the Online Learning curriculum. The Pelita Hati School curriculum team makes curriculum adjustments according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Culture, such as lowering the target indicators for the success of learning for students. Even so, the material presented was still as usual. Pelita Hati School also provides a means for teachers to support the success of online learning. Such as the addition of internet networks at schools and providing Zoom Premium facilities.

Even though Online Learning is being conducted for the first time, Pelita Hati School teachers are committed to maintaining the quality of learning so that the results are optimal. Pelita Hati School teachers are required to encourage their creativity to package Online Learning materials as attractive as possible. The presentation of interesting material will really help children to concentrate more easily. The teachers at each level have strategies to create an atmosphere that remains convenient and helpful for students. As we know, the world of children is a world of playing and socializing with peers. The things that are implemented by Pelita Hati School teachers include: 1.) Preparing the material in the form of power points. The material in the form of power points also features videos containing educational games and music to help increase the focus of children’s attention on teacher explanations; 2.) The teachers also use educational teaching aids such as puppets to attract children’s attention and concentration; 3.) Keep giving homework to students that are submitted online; 4.) Maintain good communication with the guardians of students.

We are sure to encounter challenges when doing new things. Likewise, we must adapt to a new way of learning: Online Learning. Not only students, teachers also need extra effort to make online learning successful. The world of children is a world of play and socializing. This is a challenge for Pelita Hati School teachers. Teachers are required to create an atmosphere that remains warm and communicative with students even though they are far away. The concentration of children aged five years and under cannot be forced, therefore the teachers have to work extra to attract the attention of students to receive the material. Teachers are also required to maintain the child’s mood to stay happy and not feel burdened by the material presented virtually. Apart from the constraints regarding adjusting to the mood of the children (students), connection is also a challenge. Sometimes, learning stops in the middle of an activity because of the student’s lost internet connection.

Pelita Hati School is ready to face the challenges of Online Learning and provide the best quality education for all students amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We are proud of Pelita Hati School students who are still enthusiastic about learning even though they cannot go to school as usual. We are also grateful that the guardians of students always support and try to assist children in online learning. We realize that the success of children’s education cannot be separated from the cooperation of various parties. The success of children’s education is the result of good collaboration between teachers, students and student guardians. Therefore, we appreciate the parents who have been cooperative with the teachers. We hope that this pandemic will end soon and children can go back to school.