Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day

November 5, 2020, 9:19 pm - Admin - News

Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day

Jember – State Secretary Ministry launched the theme and the logo of Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day. On the ministry’s website, the meaning and the logo is explained.

This year’s Independence Day adopts the theme kebersamaan (togetherness), which serves as the call to Indonesian people to embrace and prioritize the principle of togetherness. Through this theme, the people are reminded to be united in differences and to continue the struggle to become a dignified nation.

In the meantime, the logo ‘72 tahun Indonesia Kerja Bersama’ (72 years of Indonesia Working Together) is the representation of the spirit of gotong royong (mutal cooperation) to build Indonesia to have a better future. Number 7 in the logo represents the symbol of an arrow moving to the upper left direction, symbolizing dynamics of development oriented to a positive future.

In the meantime, the position of number 2 on the logo that is seen to embrace number 7 symbolizes the principle of togetherness in building Indonesia and reaching the targets that have been made. Number 2 also represents the shape of the Indonesian flag that has two parts.

As for the slogan ‘Kerja Bersama’, it shows an inclusive approach and prioritizes and the principles of togetherness and gotong royong in building a better Indonesia. The slogan serves as the call to the people to work together to build a more advanced Indonesia. (TEMPO.CO)