Cambridge School Reapproval Visit 2020

November 8, 2020, 8:17 pm - Admin - News

Pelita Hati School has carried out its re-approval as a Cambridge school. This activity was held for two days, 19-20 October 2020. This is the third time for Cambridge to visit Pelita Hati School. As we all know that Pelita Hati School is a Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama school that uses the national curriculum and Cambridge curriculum. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Cambridge’s visit this time was carried out remotely.

This visit was carried out to ensure that Pelita Hati School meets the criteria as a Cambridge school. During this activity, the Cambridge representative ensured that Pelita Hati School met the standards as a Cambridge school which included: the school’s mission and educational values; school management and leadership; quality of teaching and learning; the physical environment of the school; and legal requirements.

The two-day Cambridge visit takes place in a series of agenda. On the first day, Cambridge conducted online class observation and online short interviews. Online class observation activities were carried out on three Cambridge subjects: math, science, and english. Cambridge representatives attend an online class for about 10-15 minutes in each subject. While in the online short interviews, Cambridge representatives conducted interviews with two student representatives, two teachers, and two parents.

On the second day, there were several agenda for the Cambridge School Reapproval Visit: 1.) Online presentation by school management team about implementing Cambridge standards: the school’s mission and education values, school management and leadership, and quality of teaching and learning; 2.) Virtual school tour. This aims to observe the learning environment and facilities. In this session, the school invited Cambridge representatives to take a virtual school tour of: school main gate and the security post; secure storage room, the process of opening / locking and the details of the room; science labs, particularly the Chemistry Lab with fume hood, emergency shower, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and the working station of students; emergency door / stairs, including the signage; classroom area; library; other school facilities such as art / music room, function room / hall, sports area, etc; school area and its surrounding; 3.) Online summing up.

At the end of the event, the Cambridge representative delivered her summary. Miss Fitri as a representative for Cambridge said that there are already great things happening in Pelita Hati School. She appreciates as Pelita Hati School has fantastic teachers who are speaking english well, everyone has spirit of wanting to give a good quality international education, a good cambridge program, and she said that its quite endearing to see. She enjoys the fact that Pelita Hati School is multicultural, multi religion, and it’s a very refreshing thing to see especially for our country. She also appreciates how everyone is creative in trying to improve and making sure that Pelita Hati School gets the resources that are needed. Everyone in the management seemed to think that complaints are ok, complaints are part of progress. Cambridge representatives also provided input on the progress of Pelita Hati School. As well as The Cambridge representative expressed good wishes for Pelita Hati School.