Pelita Hati Play Group 

Pelita Hati added 5 Early Childhood Program for preschool level, they are Babies Club, Toddler Class, Playgroup Class, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 which are have two classes for each level. For this academic year, we can cater for up to 110 students aged 2 to 6 years old which consists of natives and foreigners for preschool level. The school premises provide a modern working environment that is conducive to teaching and learning activity.

During the past years, Pelita Hati School has been blessed with excellent leadership and parental support. We also has volunteers from foreign country around the world such as UK, America, New Zealand, Dutch, Chili  etc that invaluable to the children’s educational process. A new academic facility in preschool level, including eight classrooms which is newly renovated.

Jadwal : 

Senin - Jumat 



Biaya : 

Building Fee : Rp.10.000.000

Annual Fee : Rp. 3.300.000

Monthly Fee : Rp.450.000